University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick is completing two case studies focusing on culture and language revitalization efforts of three Indigenous individuals.

The first person, a student of UNB, will be the subject of a graphic story book created for junior high/senior high readers. It will depict the student’s life successes and challenges and her sources of strength including elders, her language, culture, and other First Nation students. The student is a Mi’kmaq woman from Nova Scotia and a recent M.Ed. graduate of UNB who wrote her M.Ed thesis on the revitalization of the Mi’kmaq language.

The second case study is centred around two Wolastoqev Elders from New Brunswick who have been extremely active in language revitalization and the preservation of culture in Wolastqev communities. Their stories of overcoming racism and bias in school and life are inspiring and moving. They have agreed to participate in the creation of a documentary about their lives and the role of elders, ceremony, language, and traditions as foundational in their lives and their work as ‘language warriors”.


Dr. Ann Sherman, Dean of Education at University of New Brunswick