Aurora College

Aurora College is leading the overall project, as well as carrying out one case study.

Dave Porter, Chair of the School of Education, Aurora College is the principal investigator for Stories of Hope.





Chase Sellwood, Project Coordinator – Stories of Hope, Aurora Research Institute.




Aurora College B. Ed., A Journey

This project is looking at how the Aurora College Bachelor of Education prepares its students to practice decolonized education.  Over their four years, students work with Elders and faculty to understand the impacts of colonialism on their communities, reflect on their self-identity, develop leadership skills, and begin to envision what decolonial learning looks like in their community.  This case study will gather perspective from Elders, faculty, as well as students and graduates at different stages in their journey to examine what decolonization means to them, as well as the effectiveness and potential of this program.


Sarah Rosolen, Manager South Slave Research Centre and Instructor with Bachelor of Education Program, Principal Investigator





Jamesie Fournier, Research Assistant, Aurora Research Institute